The World's First
Tennis Assistant

You can think of it as a Roomba for a tennis court instead of your living room!
The Tennibot autonomously patrols the courts and collects the balls that you lobbed, smashed or mis-hit.
Every tennis player's dream.
You will never have to pick up a tennis ball again.
A must-have for any tennis club.
Tennibot clears the court So you can rule it

Ready to take your tennis experience to the next level? Tennibot clears the court in mere minutes, fading into the background while you focus on the game.

How does it work?
Excellence is Served With a Side of Robot

Meticulously designed for tennis enthusiasts of all kinds. Think of how many balls you picked up in your last practice or lesson. With Tennibot, this number goes down to zero!

Welcome to the future


Tennibot keeps track of its location on the court and communicates with your phone in the background.


Unlike anything else out there, Tennibot picks up balls while you practice. This means your time on the court is spent hitting balls, not collecting them.


Tennibot detects and collects tennis balls on its own. You can also choose to remote control it, or tell it which region to focus on through the app.


Tennibot is designed to be simple and intuitive. Once you're done, Tennibot can be easily rolled off the court and stowed in your car.

Let Tennibot Work

As Hard As You Play

Using the Tennibot app, you can take control of the Tennibot, or you can let it pick up balls on its own.

In Autonomous mode, the Tennibot will pick up in different areas, based on your selections. You can focus on one area or let the Tennibot clear the whole court.

Using Remote Control, you will be in charge of where the Tennibot goes. This allows you to pick up in hard-to-reach areas or collect stray balls that rolled onto another court.