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Tennibot gives back what matters on the court - playing time

You can think of it as a Roomba for a tennis court instead of your living room!
The Tennibot autonomously patrols the courts and collects the balls that you lobbed, smashed or mis-hit.
Every tennis player's dream.
You will never have to pick up a tennis ball again.
A must-have for any tennis club.
Play more, chase less Up to 30% of your time on the court is wasted picking up tennis balls.

It's time to win back that time, improve faster, and ejoy the game again with the world's first autonomous tennis assistant.

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The first and only
autonomous tennis assistant

Leveraging machine learning and computer vision, it automatically avoids obstacles so that you can stay focused on your game, knowing that you’ll never run out of balls.

Tennibot does more than just pick up tennis balls. It can also sweep clay courts, eliminating another tedious element of our favorite sport.

Holds up to 80 balls
The size of suitcase
(only 25lbs)
Works on clay and hard courts
Up to 5 hours of battery life

Built for the future of tennis,
designed for your game

Revolutionary advances in machine learning and computer vision have created tools that win us back time and make our daily tasks and habits more enjoyable and productive. These advances have largely ignored sports like tennis - until now. Buy now

Maximize training time

Eliminate the hassle of ball chasing

Love the game again