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We build Robots That Make Life Easier

Founded in 2016, Tennibot is a robotics startup that builds autonomous robots for sports. We focus on creating the best tennis experience for players & coaches around the world. Our team is made up of nerdy engineers, meticulous designers, and "lazy" tennis players :)

Meet the Founders

Haitham Eletrabi

Haitham is the co-founder & CEO at Tennibot. Haitham is a competitive tennis player and hardware hacker. He oversees the operations and supply chain. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and an MBA from Auburn University. Fun fact: Haitham has a Netherland Dwarf bunny called Oreo :)

Xianglin (Lincoln) Wang

Lincoln is the co-founder & CTO at Tennibot. Lincoln is a robotics & computer vision guru. He oversees engineering, software and electronics. He holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University. Fun fact: Lincoln hits un-returnable cross-court forehands!

How It Started

Haitham and Lincoln love playing tennis but hate picking up tennis balls. Tennibot was born one night as Haitham, practicing with a ball machine, realized that he spent more time picking up balls than actually hitting them. So he set out to fix the worst part of his favorite sport. That was when Haitham was introduced to Lincoln through an Auburn business professor. Lincoln had just finished his Master's degree and happened to be a tennis enthusiast himself.

Soon after meeting, whenever the duo wasn’t working on the Tennibot, they were playing doubles. After years of designing, prototyping, testing and tweaking, the team was able to take Tennibot from a mere concept to the most innovative product to hit the tennis industry in years. Now the Tennibot is ready to be put on every tennis court in the world and make tedious ball-collecting a thing of the past.

Awards and Recognition


Want to Work With Us?

Do you love robots and sports? Tennibot might be the perfect fit. We are a diverse group of night owls and coffee drinkers who are extremely passionate about what we do.

Free Tennis Lessons

At Tennibot, we're serious about tennis. We also get together, grill out, play volleyball and go to the movies.

Sleep-In Schedule

Forget about getting to work by 7:30 am. Tennibot's nocturnal work schedule is perfect for night owls.

Hands-On Environment

You will be building robots that people get to use and play with every single day.

Competitive Benefits

We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive healthcare package to our team.