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Can the Tennibot operate on clay courts? Yes! The Tennibot can clear the court for you, whether it is a hard or clay court.
What about balls stuck on the fence line? The Tennibot clears the entire court, including balls along the fence.
How much does a Tennibot weigh? The Tennibot weighs approximately 25 lbs.
Can the Tennibot fit in the trunk of my car? Yes! The Tennibot is 39"x 19"x 12" so it will easily fit in the trunk of most cars.
Can the Tennibot handle rain? Tennibot is designed to handle a light drizzle of rain or sprinkler water. However, like most electronics, it is best to keep your Tennibot out of rain as much as possible.
How long can it run on one charge? Tennibot comes with an AC charging supply that works with 110/220V. You can charge the Tennibot by plugging it into the charging station. The battery takes 90 minutes to charge and lasts 4-5 hours.
Can it pick up baseballs, golfballs, etc.? Your Tennibot should only be used to pick up standard size tennis balls.
How fast can it clear the court? The Tennibot can pick up 40 balls per minute (2.3 km/h). That being said, the time needed to clear a court can be highly variable based on the number of balls, court surface, and the location of the balls on the court.

Operating the Tennibot

How do I get the Tennibot to and from my car? Tennibot is designed to be very easy to transport. To take the Tennibot to and from the court, simply tilt it upward and roll it like a suitcase. Once you are on the court, you can use the app to drive the Tennibot.
Do I have to use the Station for the Tennibot to work? The remote control feature can be used without the Station, but in order for the Tennibot to operate autonomously, the Station is needed for navigation. The Station is included with the Tennibot package.
Can I manually control my Tennibot? Yes! With the Tennibot app you can control the rover, driving it like an RC car.
How do I attach the arms? The arms must be inserted at both a horizontal and vertical angle in order to lock in place. Follow the instructions on the arm sticker, or get more detailed directions from the user manual. Once they are in place, connect the USB cable from the arm to the rover.
Do I need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to use the Tennibot? Your phone connects to the Tennibot's own Wi-Fi network. You do not need Wi-Fi at the court in order to use the Tennibot.
Does the Tennibot work with IOS and Android phones? Yes, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.
Why do I need the app? The app is your way of operating the Tennibot. Through the app, you can tell the Tennibot which zones you want to clear, or even control the rover manually. The app also allows you to keep track of valuable data, such as the number of balls hit, and a record of your practices.

Shipping and Assembly

How is Tennibot delivered and assembled? The Tennibot is delivered with instructions in a safely-packed box and requires minimal assembly. All that you need to do is remove the Tennibot from the box, and attach the arms.
Can I be a distributor for Tennibot? Please email us at for distribution inquiries.