How does the rover work?

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Roll onto
the court

The only autonmous tennis assistant Rover top view illustration

Using computer vision and machine learning, the Tennibot detects tennis balls and picks them up autonomously. Its advanced navigation algorithms allow it to move smoothly on the court (including fence & net areas) while avoiding obstacles and humans. When the bucket is full, the Tennibot will deliver the balls to you and go back to work, without any hassle.

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Holds 80 balls

The Tennibot bucket holds up to 80 tennis balls, in an easy-to remove net bag.

Up to 5 hours of battery life

The Tennibot can easily handle multiple lessons before needing to recharge.

Works on clay and hard courts

Whether you prefer the speed of hard courts or sliding on clay, Tennibot has got you covered.

The size of a suitcase

The Tennibot fits in most car trunks and at only 26lbs, it it easy to roll on and off the court.

Take control

The Tennibot app enables you to select specific regions on the court, designate restricted zones to avoid, or drive it yourself.

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If you have a question about the Tennibot or how it operates, visit our FAQ's page for more information.