The station:
a coach that fits in
your tennis bag

Take your game
to the next level

The Station does more than just help the Rover navigate the court. With state of the art computing and cameras, the Station can record video, track players, and call shots in real time.

Station close up
Match recording

Never miss another killer rally. The Station records matches and automatically filters downtime.

Line judging

Tired of arguing over line calls? The Station makes calls for you in real-time.

No installation

The removable holder attaches to the net post in seconds, no screws required.

Actionable data

The Station tracks key data points to provide detailed analysis on how to best improve your game.

Smarter practice,

superior play

Using the Tennibot app, you can record your highlights and keep a record of all of your matches and practices. The Station gives you actionable feedback so you can see which areas of your game need improvement.

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Line judging image

Want to learn more?

If you have a question about the Tennibot or how it operates, visit our FAQ's page for more information.